About ERES

ERES mission is to build business that delivers real value to customers and stakeholders, increase its market share by deploying ERES systems and services into the local, GCC and international market achieving maximum market presence.

While ERES is after achieving big market share, maintaining for internal processes, aligning applications and automating transactions, cost reduction and sources optimization are part of ERES mission for the coming years.

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ERES vision is to achieve its business objectives and meet all stakeholders’ expectations that go into achieving successful implementations in the UAE market; which is the leading market in the real estate industry whilst being supported by strong sales force to overcome all threats and challenges of economy dynamics.

ERES vision is to be unique and present a true intellectual property product and experience that will enable ERES to grow and enroll all solutions in a broader real estate market platform.

ERES continues to be supported by the huge value and experiences provided by Dubai Land Department and Dubai RERA which gears ERES towards sustainable presence and growth.

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