Oqood Off-Plan Properties Management System
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As a response to the growing needs to manage off-plan property transactions and contracts, Oqood has been developed exclusively for developers to register their properties and manage their projects and sales contracts.

Oqood automates, regulates and monitors off-plan properties market by operating under a set of rules and regulations set by real estate authorities, creating a trusted and transparent environment to guarantee the rights of investors and home buyers in the market. The application is built on the best of the real estate market practices, methodologies and technologies.

Oqood is an integrated solution that links customers, properties and sales transactions to form a single window for all off-plan projects. Its robust design offers the capability of integration with the central core solution to build a dynamic and comprehensive business process.

  • Off-plan Property Management
  • Off-plan Transaction Management
  • Project Progress Monitoring
  • Contract Management
  • Payment Management
  • Account Management
  • Provides real estate authorities with a powerful tool to manage, monitor and regulate off-plan property market
  • Provides developers with a validated source for property information on which they perform their sales transaction
  • Generates basic and advanced analytical reports
  • Integrate end to end sales cycle
  • Provides up to date information about sales, units investment client payment across the spectrum of the project

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