Registration Trustees
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Registration Trustees

Tabu system is responsible for conducting many real estate Procedures (properties related such as Sell, Mortgage ……) on a daily basis.

In order to Leverage the burden of registering all those Procedures directly by Tabu and to provide better service to clients, we decided to delegate the task of registering some procedure to registered “Registration Trustees” Companies via “Registration Trustees” System.

Registration Trustees System is a web application that will facilitate the communication between Tabu and Registration Trustees Companies. It will:

  • Enable Registration trustees companies to register their information in order to be approved by Tabu and hence, to be able to register specific real estate procedure.
  • Enable the registered companies to register specific nominated procedure (Sell, Ejari and Mortgage) under Tabu authorized supervision.
  • Enable DLD to track all the Procedures done by registration trustees companies.
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