Tabu Real Estate Management Solution
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Tabu is a state of the art real estate management solution that empowers real estate authorities with a tool to professionally manage the real estate market. Tabu is a core system that supports a network of applications, all designed to facilitate the business processes of the real estate market in the Middle East.

Tabu allows real estate authorities to monitor and control every real estate operation, creating a trusted market enforced by rules and regulations. Our system guarantees the rights of every professional in the real estate industry, such as investors, brokers, owners, developers and authorities.

Tabu, equipped with the latest technologies and real estate industry’s best practices, stands out as one of the most efficient and reliable real estate management systems in the region. It has the flexibility to accommodate the rapid changes in the dynamic real estate market.

  • Land registry
  • Property Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Developer management
  • Project Management
  • Broker Management
  • Escrow Account Management
  • Provides authorities with a handy tool to execute laws, regulations and court decisions
  • Handles a numerous numbers of transactions performed on different types of properties including lands, units and villas
  • Organizes the relationship between landlords and third parties such as banks and brokers
  • Allows for flexible configuration of business rules and fees structure
  • Provides authorities with accurate ,reliable and up to date statistics (more than 100 reports)
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