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Project Description:

eMart is an online portal to buy properties. Real estate professionals use eMart to list their properties for auction. Potential buyers search properties listed for auction, submit their bid amount. eMart has intelligent engine to track the end-to-end bidding process online. Once bidding process completed, buyers have option to complete sale transactions online without visiting Dubai Land Department.

Listing a property for sale can be done through eAuction. This will help owners to reach maximum number of interested buyers during the action period. eAuction is benefitting buyers also as they can make informed decision based on real-time price and demand.

eMart is an innovative platform for owners, brokers, developers, investors and management companies to list their properties. All interaction channels operate under a set of laws and regulations enforced by Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Key Features:
  • Acts a trusted and secured portal for property owners, developers, Brokers, investors, and management companies.
  • Property, ownership information is verified from Dubai Land Department property registry systems to ensure the integrity of all the listed properties
  • Offers multiple channels for listing properties for sale to promote investment opportunities and attracts local and foreign investors.
  • eMart has integration with NOQOODI and other gateways for payments.
  • eMart is accessible through all internet browsers and smart devices (Androids and IOS)
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Project Details:
  • Date: 2013
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