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Project Description:

Simsari is an Arabic word means brokerage. Simsari is a cloud-based product to bridge property owners, developers, brokers, potential buyers, and tenants. They can list their property for selling and leasing. This can be done directly in Simsari or through API.

It provides an excellent listing, searching, and visualization of properties for potential buyers and tenants to easily view and facilitate the decision making process of buying and renting.

It provides two-way integration with systems: Property Registration on cloud (PROREC) and Lease Management System - LEMANTO products. Users can push properties automatically to Simsari for selling and leasing and complete the sale or rent transaction directly through the system.

It provides the integration with NOQODI payment gateway for all payment transactions out of the box and extensible for other preferred payment gateways integration with minimum customizations.

Key Features:
  • Offers multiple channels for listing properties for sale and lease to promote the properties to the targeted audience across markets.
  • Acts a trusted and secured communication channel for property owners, developers, brokers, investors and management companies.
  • Offers different integration options for listing, executing sale and lease.
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Project Details:
  • Date: 2018
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