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Project Description:

Building Classification Survey system is a rating program based on various engineering criteria for regulating some of the Land department core procedures such as rental Index and property evaluation.

Part of the program is to build, verify and keep the integrity of the digital data of both freehold and Non-Freehold properties.

To carry out this program surveyor are sent out to different communities of Dubai to collect data such as building information, unit details based on the building classification process.

Key Features:
  • System contains administration panel to assign plots to Survey engineers using an interactive map.
  • System provides an interface for the Survey Engineers that include Building Details, Workspace to view all assigned plots on an interactive map, interface for conducting the survey and interface for storing building details.
  • System provides the ability to add multiple buildings on a single land or adding new buildings if there is no building record retrieved from property registry.
  • System provides the ability to add building under construction.
  • System provides the ability to add lands as parking of type RTA parking and Private parking.
Project Details:
  • Date: 2015
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