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Project Description:

The “Pay Now” initiative enables Rental Dispute Center (RDC) clients to pay their dues and receive their claims electronically through the RDC website, which facilitates and expedites the payment of fees and financial claims or any other amounts due to related parties of the rental disputes.

The payment channels available through the initiative includes the payment through credit cards, direct bank transfer, payment through e-wallet or issuing e-voucher which is paid through a number of financial institutions spread all over the city of Dubai.

One of the most efficient features in this initiative is the disbursement of the financial claims to the beneficiaries through the payment gateway, where the disbursement request will be sent to the bank after verified by RDC users.

Key Features:
  • Full automation for payment and disbursement transactions in RDC system.
  • Providing a public e-payment gateway to RDC clients, which facilitates and expedite the payment transactions and thus the receipt of financial claims by rights holders.
  • Reducing the number of visitors to RDC and rationalizing related expenses by introducing the e-disbursement of financial claim to RDC clients
  • Providing governance through audit screens and dashboard reports.
  • Enabling clients to follow-up on the payment and release of financial claims, which reduces the number of queries to the call center.
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Project Details:
  • Date: 2017
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