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Project Description:

Registration Trustees system authorizes specialized and certified third-party offices to register the key real estate procedures in sites spread all over Dubai and operate outside of regular working hours of Dubai Land Department. The service aims to facilitate and speed up the process of procedures registration and avoid the wait time required for investors to complete their transactions in Dubai Land Department.

Registration Trustees system is an integral part of Dubai Land Department integrated systems and shares the same authenticated properties information. Registration Trustees will register the procedures, issue the initial contracts and send procedures to Dubai Land Department for auditing and issuing final certificates. Contracts and title deeds will be delivered to customers through courier service and within 48 hours from procedure request submission.

Registration Trustees system provide the feature of online payment for all of the services through the payment gateway (Noqodi).

Key Features:
  • Improve the quality of services offered by Dubai Land Department through granting trusted third party companies the authority to register procedures and issue initial contracts
  • Register the main procedures outside the working hours of Dubai Land Department and in various locations distributed throughout Dubai
  • Reduce the time and effort needed by Dubai Land Department employees
  • Use validated properties data to ensure the integrity of the data used by the registration trustees
  • Accessible through all internet browsers and smart devices (Androids and IOS)
Project Details:
  • Date: 2014
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